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We offer the upmost excellence in one-to-one personal training. With specific personalized programming, nutritional advice & varied specific personal training session that will push your limits while having bags of fun, you will be sure to get the best personal training service the UK has to offer.

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Along with one-to-one training we also offer group session training with a discount. Now we dont usually like large groups as space can be a issue sometimes if we are not outside, but we will more than happily accomdate small groups just so have a little bit of motivation.So why not bring a friend or 2 along?
Email or call us for group price listing & details
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What better way to increase your fitness than in the fresh air? We like to get out of those stuffy gyms sometime. So why not get a sweat on in the sun or down n dirty in the mud & feel the envigoration of training in the great outdoors.

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We also offer home training for those of you who hate gyms, have your own little gym or simply a 'stay at home mom' we can happily bring our service & some equipment to you.