Dani Mnottingham personal trainer 6cCaughey

Dani is Nottingham’s top personal trainer with experience in all areas of fitness.
He is a Powerlifter and flew to America taken part in his first event in March 2014.Before then he was a Mauy Thai fighter for 2 years and even competed to be part of the UK team and has completed 2 survival races.
Being a powerlifter his real passion and skills are in strength training & athletics with technique & safe application of exercises being at the forefront for a fun & safe experience.
However with a high demand of clients needing other forms of training he is not limited to just these areas.He has worked with a range of clients from Stay-at-home moms, business owners & athletes needing a range of demands from weight loss/muscle tone, postural connections, Sports specific training, joint & muscular problems.
Dani is dedicated to accomplishing the best results for each of his clients, designing personalized training programmes that takes into account their unique lifestyles and underlying health conditions where necessary.


We are big believer in practicing what you preach. ‘Living in the trenches’ is a must in the health & fitness industry, something that really outrages me as i dont see a whole lot of it. You will not find me (or anyone else wearing our uniform) looking like we have just rolled out of a fast food festival or basically doing anything I advise you not to do or pushing you any harder than we would push ourselves.
I believe that it isn’t just about lifting the dumbbells or running on the treadmill. Its our neuromuscular, physiological & energetic & strength. We have to encompass all of this into our hearts and mind when we approach our training to get the bets out of our sessions.
The accomplishment of your goals does not just rely on what you do in the weight room either. Our stress levels, sleep duration & nutrition are factors that most people don’t take into account when embarking on a journey of health & fitness. Awaking our students to all of these other aspects we believe is a critical to reaching their fitness goals and living a holistic life.