hemo-rage-black-294g_The most dangerous pre-workout there is eon the market! Or at least that is how they describe it with all

the extreme & caution warning over the tub. Well I will be giving a review on 1 of the older versions, which contained some of the banned substances, from the new one. So does it really live up to the hype?

Word on the street:

I had actually read that this was extremely dangerous that some people had received really overpowering experiences from this product. One man claimed that his palpitations where that strong & sickening that he couldn’t even train.

After recently finishing napalm from muscle warefare -which gave me crazy buzzes- I was ready for this!


It requires you to mix it with 4-5oz of water, which is nothing really. Once you can get past the taste the amount is enough to swallow in 1-2 mouthfuls. I personally prefer to have a drink that I sip on last half of the walk to or in the gym as I am getting my mind in the frame for the war ahead.

However for the small amount of water it does actually mix and dissolves very well.


So it comes in many different flavours. I chose the brusin berry flavour. Unfortunately though it wasn’t as berry tasting as I thought it would be…..Actually it wasn’t very berry tasting at all, not from the standards you get from any other berry flavoured supplement. So it let me down their but I would be interested to taste another flavour. I think oranges always go well with pre-workouts & I think the lemon one would go down easier.

Initially its bitty tasting although it mixes well. It left quite an after taste in my mouth which I put it down to the bitty taste. I needed to drink a glass of water afterwards just to get the taste out of my mouth & throat.


Now this is the big one that people all want to know about. Was it as powerful as they make? Did it live up to the hype, the rumours?

Now I says to have it 30mins before your workout. However I am very sensitive to pre-workouts when I start using a new on so 30 minutes was way too early for me.

I would drink it on the way to the gym –which is a 30min walk away- & the buzz would kick in half way there. Like most initial buzz doesn’t last long & I think that it is the best time to start getting into your workout.. So I would to the gym a little tired or worn out then have to gear myself up again. If you find yourself in this position the rush will kick in once the heavy weights start flying.

The effects when training can be distracting. I always feel a massive raise in my heart rate, which is sometimes close to palpations. On quite a few occasions it did take me out of my lazer focus – which is my favourite/most important thing about pre-workouts – So it does lose a few points there. I feel like this has made me fall short on a few sets before due to the exertion. On the flipside though I am sure on some days I wouldn’t even be able to get 1 rep with out it.

Once I learnt to control this all though there was nothing better than the feeling after a heavy set of squats or deadlifts with this stuff rushing through your heart.

It will result in the quietest of guys wanting to shout & release their inner beast.

I would strongly advise people not to mix this with a strong BCAA powder or probably anything for that matter. I decided throughout one workout that I was going to sip on my muscle warfare ‘Nuke’ after consuming my hemo-rage. My workout only lasted a couple of sets (3-4) before I had to sit down with crazy palpations which feel as if my heart was going to rip through my chest & a stomach which felt so disgusting I want to be sick just to get it out…….this didn’t happen though, along with sweating from every place possible & a mind doing 50 backflips while sreaming. Looking back it was probably like having a temporary fever.


Like most stimulants my system quickly adapted and very little effect was felt from it afterward. This I would say was after about 4 weeks of using 2-3 times a week. So on that front it isn’t very sustainable. This is just my experience because that might be because of some crazy thing my body has going on.

I took a 2-week break every 4 weeks or so when it stopped working, then continued. After a while I then just started to use it only on heavy days when I really needed it, which was 1-2 times a week, and I was fine afterwards until the container was empty.

For sustainability in a session it will keep you buzzed for about an hour, just over depending on how rested you are from the night before. Once you have used all those energy stores you better be prepared to stretch & go home though as it will drain you so much that it’s a real battle of wills to lift another weight.


hemo-rage-black-ultra-concentrate-nutrition-factsNow pre-workouts can be known for they’re after effects and this is no different. Although your system will be totally drained you will still feel a rush in your body for a few hours after it. Which cause me great lack of concentration. To me the after-math is very similar to that of an illegal high, but shorter lived.

Lets put it like this – At the time of writing this review I am learning how to drive & I would never use this on the days I had a driving lesson.


Like most it is very over hyped in the advertising I find, although they have toned it down abit now I’ve noticed.

It has a foul taste but a great pump & energy booster as long as you can control it. While the weight is in my hand I was very focused, but I do like to be focused before hand too & not distracted.

If you are after a crazy buzz then this is defiantly a top one for you. I liked it more towards the end if my time using & its certainly not for use on a every day basis.

Its not my favourite out of the selection I have tried but if I could find it at a decent price I would consider buying it again, especially if the new blend has more focus – just avoid berry flavour at all cost!