1.Curling in the Squat Rack

YES YOU!!! You know you do it!! & it is just f**king wrong!!

IMG_0876 (800x600)I had to put this in first in case you get distracted or don’t make it to the end of the article for some reason.

This is my biggest pet peeve & the quickest way to make me blow up like Hiroshima as there is NO REASON for it what so ever. While your trying to look so cool in the mirror some poor guy who wants to do some squat or bench has to wait for you to finish flexing a bar bigger than you with weights the size of tea cups on the end, just because you seen lee haney do it in 1985!! Most gyms I have pre-made barbells for curling & if that isn’t heavy enough for you they ALL have 7kg barbells which you can loaded with as many 25 plates as your herculean arms can take.


No matter what is happening in life or the empty world of facebook I am sure that it can be put on the back-burner for an hour while you work out.

Nobody wants wait any longer for the bench while you decide to take extra long breaks to tweet about each set or call to your wife to tell her what you want for dinner. Your mind should be 100% on the job &  only time a phone should be pulled out is if your logging the session.

This doesn’t just apply to the weight room. I actually see it more on cardio machines than anywhere else &  well if you can tweet or talk while do cardio then you simple aint pushing yourself hard enough & need to drop the brick & pick up the pace.


“Yo, check me out, I’m so f-ing big & bad I don’t HAVE to wait for my turn on the leg press! Take a hike, dweeb!” No matter how bad you think you are, I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate being pushed around by Rich Piana or some other 350+ dude yourself. Size is NOT an excuse to behave like an ass, bluntly put.

In fact, if you’re big, that usually indicates that you’ve spent a number of years in the gym and therefore should have acquired a certain amount of gym manners. So what in fact you WOULD be proving is that you’re not only insecure, you’re also making an effort in fulfilling the myth of the muscle head-with-an-attitude. Great going, dude

4.Dumbbell Catch

I understand when you rep to fail the weights will just dropyou’re your hands. BUT there is a huge difference between squeezing the last rep out and just dropping them because you want to look like ‘The Boss’ & even more so is the people that actually throw & launch them across the room after their last rep. IF YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO THROW IT THEN YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO PLACE IT DOWN.

Dropping weights on the floor can cause injury to yourself or others (I have actually seen someone loose the end of their finger) and can also damage the equipment itself. Always set it down as gently as you can.

5.Rack the Weights

As the saying goes ‘Your mom doesn’t work here’ last time I checked I certainly wasn’t your mom!

Working in a Gym my biggest annoyance is having to clear up peoples mess.  Specially when he man lifting the 36’s takes them all the way to the other end of the rack to lift & the guy lifting the 10’s takes them to the opposite end of their place.

A lot of personal trainers don’t get paid for their gym hours as part of the gym agreement & really don’t appreciate being abused by having to clear your shit up.

6.Odeuer DE Stench

Everyone will sweat in the gym –if you don’t you might as well stay at home- but there is a difference between someone who has washed their gym kit OR themselves in the gym. I havde actuall had it before where I decided to go & do a different exercise to get away from a man who had such bad body oder if was making me sick while training.Treadmilling next to a person who clearly had numerous tequila shots and cigarettes the night before is an awful experience so be considerate of other.

I haven’t experienced this myself but on the flipside of that There’s nothing worse than getting a deep breath of Acqua Di Gio when you’re in the middle of a heavy squat. There shouldn’t be any reason why anyone would need to swim in cologne before he goes to the gym – Ladies that’s for you too.

7.Social Gym Club

86504748-e1324075087178-300x282The gym is not a social club. It is fun, it is a community but it is not a social club. We all talk about the sets and exercise with our partners while we are training & resting but extending your rest breaks for a full blown conversation while hogging the equipment is just darn rude.


Now this is an area that some people get very touchy on & misundertand us ‘complainers’ Now coming as a fan & background of powerlifting I understand & expect a certain amount of noise & gearing up’ on particular lifts. We however are on about the ones where no matter what weight this guy is using, or what rep he’s on, he feels the need to share his pain with us. Nobody wants to hear you yell through 4 sets of pushdowns.

9.Talking while Others are in the Middle of their Set

Simlilar to rule 7 – Greet others when they’re resting, not while they’re lifting. Full conversations can wait until after the workout. As the chances are if your talking to your mate while he is trying to squeeze out a 10 or 5 rep max he cant respond & is probably not even acknowledging your even speaking.

10.Don’t Make Fun Of Overweight People

We are not all perfect –even you, despite what you may think! If you make fun of people who are in the gym trying to be more healthy and fit, then you are an asshole. Simple as!