If you find that you’re constantly feeling drained on a regular basis, one thing that you’ll want to take a good look at is the diet that you’re using on a daily basis. The foods that you eat day to day are going to have a significant influence on how you feel as you go about your plan, so taking the time to get the right foods in place is going to be very important to your overall well-being.

Now most people who have plans written by us shouldn’t have this problem. That said, many people (who don’t have plans written by us) don’t know how to eat properly as far as maximum energy is concerned.

So let’s take a look at a few of the main points that you should be keeping in mind at all times.

How Nutrition Impacts You

energy drinkFirst things first, we do need to go over the influence of nutrition more specifically.  If you eat the right combination of foods, you’re going to be feeling energized the entire time throughout the day.

Eat the wrong combination of foods however, especially the wrong selection and types of carbohydrates, and you’ll be feeling lethargic and drained of all energy. If you do this, you’ll want to sleep on the couch more than you will get up and do something active.

Fortunately, by eating smartly, you can get your body feeling the energy it craves and do all the things you want too.

Let’s look at some nutrition tips to maximize your energy levels.

Go Easy On The Carbs


carbsThe very first thing to note is that you shouldn’t completely exclude carbs from your diet plan for energy, but that said, you can’t go overboard either.

If you eat too many carbs, this can cause a huge blood sugar rush to flood your system, which will leave you feeling rather lethargic and drained of energy. What’s worse is that when the insulin comes into your system and removes all that sugar, you’re going to experience a crash, which then means that you are feeling even more tired than before……….and who wants that?

All in all, this is just not a good cycle to be in.

Carbohydrates must be balanced with the other nutrients you’re consuming.

Pick A Good Protein Source

Speaking of other nutrients, always aim to have a good protein source with each meal and snack you eat. This will help to prevent that massive blood glucose spike, which is precisely what you want to avoid.

For fat loss choose a protein source such as chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites, fish, along with low fat dairy for optimal results.  These will provide the body with the essential amino acids needed that will help to build and repair muscle tissues while giving you energy that lasts.

Focus On Slow Burning Fuel

Finally, make sure that you also focus on slow burning fuel. This means avoided highly processed carbs and going for whole grains along with fresh fruits and healthy fats.

These sources of energy will stick with you longer, helping you feel that much better as you go about your daily activities.

So keep these quick nutrition tips engraved in your mind and you should have no problem keeping steady elevated energy levels that are throughout the entire day.