As you go about preparing your fitness foods, it’s important that you make note of some of the common cooking mistakes that people make so that you can be sure you’re not making the same grave errors.

It’s very easy to make one or two small mistakes along the way and have these negatively impact the end result of the dishes that you’re preparing.  Fortunately, by taking the time to learn what these errors are ahead of time, there is a lower chance that you make them while serving up your dietary dishes

Understanding what these are can mean the difference between you sticking with your diet plan or not, so it’s not something to take lightly.  Let’s go over some of them

Egg Shells Sticking During The Hard Boiling Process

If you’ve decided to hard-boil your eggs, then one of the top concerns most people have is the egg shells sticking.  If you often find yourself running into this problem, the first thing that you must make sure you’re using slightly older eggs.  Eggs that are at least one week old will work best when hard boiling, so keep that in mind.

Next, make sure that after the cooking process is finished, you submerge the eggs immediately in ice cold water and let them sit for at least 10 minutes.  Once that time is up, then you can proceed to crack them and you should find the shell comes off much more easily.

Your Marinade Isn’t Leaving Enough Flavour

Ever marinade your meat only to cook it and find that it still doesn’t have the flavor you were going for? If this is the case, you’re without a doubt frustrated with the process.

What are you doing wrong?

If your marinade is not leaving lasting flavor, this is likely because you haven’t let the food sit in the marinade long enough for it to fully seep into the food you’re cooking.

Remember, marinades are not for cooking muscle building/weight loss food , They’re for preparing your muscle building/weight loss foods.  Coat the food in the marinade and then let it sit for four to five hours or overnight.  This should solve your problem instantly.

Using Too Much Salt

saltFinally, the last grave mistake that many people are using with their muscle building foods is adding far too much salt.  They think that the more salt they add, the better tasting the food will be.

Not so.  Too much salt can easily ruin a good dish, not to mention cause you to consume far too much sodium over the course of the day.

Instead, consider preparing your food with natural herbs or a low sodium broth instead.  This will still add more flavor to your foods only be ten times better for you.

I know there are a few more out there, but this is just a quick blog today though, so there you have the main cooking mistakes that you might be making as you prepare your muscle building foods. Were you making any of these?