cardio-workouts-1So after mentioning it to 1 or 2 members in PureGym about how long cardio seriously harms your heart i was asked to dig out the article to which i found it……… below are the prints of a couple of articles discussing my life long belief that long cardio like marathon running is no good for your body & should be avoided at all costs.

The first is an article published by a strength & conditioning trainer Craig Ballantyne…….
10 years ago people called me crazy for warning against the dangers

of excessive cardio. It doesn’t work, I said, and you’ll get overuse 

injuries that can ruin your life.

Well, today, not only am I no longer a lone voice in the wilderness, but

major newspapers – like Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal – are reporting on studies 

that show excessive cardio harms the heart.

According to the WSJ, research to be published next month in the
British journal, “Heart“, says:

 Running 20-25 miles or more per week eliminates the benefit of exercise

as you grow older and causes excessive wear-and-tear on the heart. 

Of course, exercise ADDICTS will ignore dispute this information, and 

runners will continue to post “I hate Craig Ballantyne” articles, but the 

#truth about long slow cardio and running is this…

1) You can get better fat burning results in less time

2) Less exercise = less wear-and-tear on the body, including your heart,

skeletal muscles, and your joints

3) You’ll have more time to do other important things if you aren’t out

running for 200-250 minutes per week (assuming a 10-minute mile)

Even Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the father of ‘aerobics’ has said, “If you are
running more than 15 miles a week, you are doing it for some reason
other than health.

Now i know you will be all saying, well thats just a bunch of  ‘he said, she said’  So i decided to search a little more. I mean all of this seems so common sense to me i dont even need to see the research proving it, but i know you hardcore runners will so here is an exert i found online from the article & then below is a link to the actual article from the bmj journal.

From NBC: “[The author of the report] points to studies that show subtle signs of heart damage in marathon runners tested right after their races have been run. And backing that up, he says, is data from the “Iron Mouse” study that found scarring in the hearts of mice forced to run long distances every day for four months. The good news is that the mice seemed to improve after they stopped running and were allowed to return to normal rodent life.”

But, the expert goes on to say that he’s “worried that distance runners who keep at it year after year after year don’t ever give their hearts a chance to heal. … The heart pumps about 5 quarts per minute when we’re sitting. When we’re running it goes up to 25 to 30 quarts. The heart wasn’t meant to do that for hours, day in and day out. You end up overstretching the heart and tearing muscle fibers. Up to 30 percent of those who finish marathons have elevated troponin levels, which is a marker for heart damage. That’s the marker we look for to see if someone’s having a heart attack–it’s irrefutable evidence of heart damage.”

As i stated earlier it make sense. Your heart is just like any other muscle, if you use it for too long then it will wear out & become damaged. You wouldn’t do bicep curls for an hour straight would you? so why would you run for 2-3 hours?

Besides the fact that i think we weren’t design to run long distances, short fast distances to escape up trees from other primates – yes, but not to out run them. I guess that is just my view on our primal species from the caveman days.

We can NOT deny however that our heart is the most valuable part of our bod amongst all the muscles & organs. We really need to look after it, because without there is no life, never mind a long & fore-filling life.

Now its not ALL doom & gloom for you runners………

Running had been proven to help the heart & health so you don’t have to hang up those sneakers just yet.

It is only long distance running for hours that is a no-no.

Like in the press release of this article i believe that if you really want to run a marathon then do it.

Do it 1 time just to tick off your list of achievements then leave it at that. Afterwards Go back to 20-50 minutes of steady paced running

Dont forget people if you want to exercise for fitness, fat loss & a long healthy life full of vitality, there is no better way to train with short interval, burst workouts and there are a variety of ways to execute them.